MS. CONCIERGE, LLC, offers a wide range of services to help clients maintain a dignified, independent lifestyle. The services available are limited only by your imagination. If there is a question about what we can do for you, please ask.


We will accompany you to doctor’s appointments, to social events, to board and business meetings and to sporting events. If transitioning to a new living situation, we will accompany you through the entire process, from packing to hanging pictures.

"I couldn't be happier. You have made my life easier to get to my appointments and to tend to my business." - Katherine Furr


We will go to the pharmacy for you, to the grocery store, to the beauty/barber shop. We will go for you as is needed. We can run errands for you while you are having lunch or playing golf. While you are recuperating and cannot get out, let us help by getting those errands done.

"My family and I are really pleased. My daughter said, 'You consider them family because you don't eat just anybody's cooking.'" - Everlyne King


We will pick up laundry/dry cleaning and mail packages for you. We will pick up food orders and mail orders. We will purchase, wrap and mail gifts for you.

"I love you a great deal and you mean so much to me. I couldn't have gotten along without you." - Dorothy Wilson


We will wait at your residence for maintenance and service calls. We will wait at the doctor’s offices and hospitals for you as you visit and/or meet appointments.

"I think it is miraculous that I have such great friends as you two." - Mabel Harper